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            How to Install the Desktop App (Beta)

            Click on your corresponding Operating System to install -
            To help you have the best experience with AirClass, we recommend that you use Chrome or Firefox browsers.  If these are not available to you, you can easily install our desktop application by following the instructions below.
            The AirClass Desktop App is available for Windows 64-bit on 7, 8 and 10 & macOS 10.11, 10.12 and 10.13
            Please note that the AirClass Desktop App is still in Beta testing. If you come across any issues, please visit our Support site to let us know.

            If you visit the AirClass login page, using a browser that is not supported, you will see a message like this:

            From this page, you can click on the "Supported Applications" link and download the Desktop App that matches to your Operating System (OS). Once you choose the correct operating system, you should then see a download start.

            1. Save the file to your computer.

            If you are running the Symantec Endpoint Protection Software, it will flag this download as unknown and quarantine it. (This is a known issue that we are testing in the Beta.) The directions to allow the install are below:

            1. Disable the Symantec Endpoint Protection and re-enable it afterwards.
            2. Right click on the shield icon in the System Tray

            3. Launch the download by double clicking the executable file.
            4. Once you see the AirClass icon as a shortcut on your desktop, please ensure that you enable your Symantec again. You can do this by going to the System Tray again and right clicking. Then choose the option to Enable.

            Depending on your PC Protection software, Windows Defender may also warn that the installer is an unrecognized app. ( This is also a known issue that we are investigating.) To get past this, please follow the directions below:

            1. You may see this prompt come up as a pop up window.

            2. You will want to click on "More Info"
            3. Click on the option "Run Anyway"
            4. Once this is done, you should see the installation proceed. The AirClass icon should now be a shortcut on your desktop.

            1. Locate your download and then double click the AirClass.dmg installation file.
            2. Once it is completed, you should see an Installer box appear.

            3. Slide the AIrClass "a" logo from the left into the Applications folder. Once finished, you should hear a noise letting you know that the transfer was complete. If you check your Applications folder, you should see the Desktop App there. You should be able to launch the app now.

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